About Us

Entering into our sixth year and our seventh highly successful season, Undercover Solutions has grown remarkably in these years, having earned a massive client base and many returning clients who know that they will get the best possible prices and services available in the industry.

Undercover Solutions teams operate within extremely high standards and have the correct understanding and ethics to work on yachts. The marine refit industry is our main focus, all our equipment is always cleaned and revised before and after every project befitting the standards of superyachts.

We have a deep understanding of the process and requirements that boats have. This understanding enables us to work fast & efficiently, making sure that the solution required is of the highest quality, safe, economic and environmentally friendly.

Undercover Solutions S.L. was founded by 3 individuals. Our combined experience, knowledge and training makes us your first choice for a solution. An Undercover Solution.

Overseas contracts.
Undercover solutions will travel almost anywhere to work, but we mainly concentrate on providing the highest service possible within Palma STP and Astilleros de Mallorca, as this is our main base, however we never let our clients down and we are prepared to go where ever is needed.

Our fixtures and fittings removal and storage service has proven to be a valuable resource for our clients, enabling them to keep the vessel clear of obstructions during repainting and refits. Items removed are carefully itemised and re-installed by our expert crews.
There is multitude of uses for scaffolding, if you have any queries or would like a quote for a solution please contact us.

Attention to detail

We always protect the yachts paint work with a special material to prevent chaffing; as opposed to applying the shrink wrap direct to the paint work which causes damage and chaffing.

Challenges met

We make a special effort to keep the work spaces clear of obstructions, enabling people to work without obstructions.

Environmentally Friendly

We understand the needs of the contractors who will be working inside our covers and consider it our duty to care for their health and safety.

Meet the team

Dean Antoniou

Managing Director

Dean is the first contact with our clients; always there to help them, quote for jobs, making sure everything is running smoothly and on time.

Jamie Smith

Production Manager

Jamie is the team manager and is responsible for running all of our projects based in Astilleros de Mallorca.

Danny Boreham

Production Manager

Danny is the production manager in the STP Yard and keeps the team together for our projects there.

Stanislava Antoniou


Stanislava joined the team last year when the company started to grow and now deals with day to day administration.